Bomboland is an illustration studio in Lucca, a little city in Tuscany, Italy.
We specialize in illustrations, editorial and advertising. We work all over the world for agencies, magazines and also for children's book.
We love cartoon, especially '50- 60' age and their influence is clear in our work. We love to create surreal worlds and to play with happiness and sadness.Often we put disquieting things in happy situation, like it happens in the real life! We love to work the concept in a symbolic way...or at least we try to do it! We don't like didascalic and immediate images and we'd like the viewer would need a bit of time to understand all he's seeing.
We worked on paper for two or three years. We love to mix the reality of paper with the digital medium: we always try to obtain an interesting mix.



Bomboland is:
Maurizio Santucci (Aka Bombo). Born in Barga in 1978, outside of Lucca, Italy, where he still lives and works.
He attended ISIA Design School in Florence, Italy from 2000 to 2004.
He founded Bomboland some years ago, after two years working in advertising agencies as graphic designer. He grew with comics and he've drawn since he was a child.

Elisa Cerri. Born in Lucca in 1978, where she still lives and works too.
As Maurizio she attend ISIA Design School in Florence from 1998 to 2002.
She worked some years in advertising agencies as graphic designer. She's started working with Maurizio at Bomboland 2 years ago.